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Oct 3, 2017

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Tenacious Collective NYCC Booth 780 - All the Goods!

The time is now! Our wild NYCC booth will be set up today! Read the details:

Once again, our team has put together an all-star cast for our world-famous Tenacious Collective Booth at New York Comic Con! This week in booth 780 at the back wall of The Block will be the following funtastical creators:
Tenacious Toys (that's us)
Nugglife (streetwear, apparel, resin figures & custom toys)
Jon Schnepp (writer, director, producer, will have posters and comics)
Ghostlion: Blaqlion Otis & Hungryghost Joseph (prints, resin figures, custom toys, t-shirts , stickers)
SeeOne (pins & graphic novels)
Rolo (Curves & Bullets Arsenal, books & graphic novels)
Bun Leung (illustrations, prints & art)
Black Drove (vinyl & resin collectible toys, Thursday / Friday ONLY)
EFUE: MikeDie, JosL, Anthony Respect and ChristieBear (toys, pins & art)
Mechatro WeGo Pop-Up (Japanese robot toys, Saturday / Sunday ONLY)
Concrete Jungle (resin statues & animation)
In typical fashion, our Collective will be presenting a dizzying array of exclusive and unique items which will ONLY be found in Booth 780. Offerings will include original comic books, resin, vinyl and sofubi toys and collectibles, custom toys, tons of pins, illustrations, prints, cosplay accessories, graphic novels, DVDs, posters, stickers, t-shirts, and much more. 
Here is the breakdown for booth 780:


Tenacious Toys Exclusives:

Willy Wompka 3.5” resin figure by UME Toys - 10 pieces, $45 each
Rocky 2.5” painted resin figure from the Satanikids series by Abe Lincoln Jr - 13 pieces, $35 each
1000toys 1:12-scale Synthetic Human Clear action figures - 24 pcs, $65 ea (NOT exclusive!)

Nugglife Exclusives:

Nugglife Flight Jacket & matching Hat
Nugglife Custom Jermaine Rogers vinyl figures
Nugglife Northern Lights athletic leggings
Nugglife Stoned Eye Custom Dunny Series

Jon Schnepp Exclusives:

Slayer comic books (signed) - 40 pieces, $30 ea
Isolated Mutations of the Assembly Line Baby print (signed) - 30 pieces, $20 ea
The Death of Superman Lives Blueray/DVD set (signed) - 60 pieces, $30 ea

 Hungry Ghost Exclusives:

Mermadium 8” Dunny & 8” Munny Geodes - OOAK, $200 ea
Ming Vase Dunny, 6” w/ base - OOAK, $100
Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles Dunny, 11” w/ base - OOAK, $400
Flat Earth 3” Dunny - 4 pieces, $100 ea
Turbokid bootleg carded figure - 5 pieces (incl one chase), $100 ea

Blaqlion Exclusives:

Stickers, prints, t-shirts

SeeOne / Nitelyfe Pins Exclusives:

Assorted pop culture pin sets and prints

Rolo / Curves & Bullets Exclusives:

Curves & Bullets Arsenal (customized nerf blasters) and
Curves & Bullets comic books
Concept art
Live action photos
Character designs

Bun Leung Exclusives:

Assorted pop culture original illustrations, drawings, stickers & prints

EFUE Exclusives:

EFUE Bot t-shirt - $20 ea
Mike Die PunisherBot Pin (black) - 50 pieces, $15 ea
Mike Die PunisherBot Pin (white) - 15 pieces, $15 ea
JosL hand embellished prints
JosL mini canvases
Anthony Respect assorted pop culture prints & t-shirts

Black Drove Exclusives:

(MANY more available items at booth Thurs / Fri):
IT Bear by MilkBoy Toy painted by Kenth Toy, 9.5" tall - $300 ea
Stomak by Natethemilkman, painted & unpainted, 6” tall - $80 to $120 ea
GID Goliathon by PlanetxAsia, 11” tall - 3 pieces, $180 ea
GID Death Goliathon by PlanetxAsia, 11” tall - 3 pieces, $250 ea
Shitton set by Art Junkie (4.5” and 2” figure) - 5 sets, $99 / set

WeGo Exclusives:

(MANY more non-exclusive WeGos at booth):
Mechatro WeGo 1/12-scale ISO - 6 pieces, $155 ea
Mechatro WeGo 1/35-scale Japanese Taxi Green - 6 pieces, $30 ea
Mechatro WeGo 1/35-scale Japanese Taxi Red - 6 pieces, $30 ea
Mechatro WeGo 1/35-scale Japanese Taxi Blue - 6 pieces, $30 ea
Mechatro WeGo 1/35-scale Kumitateshiki2 (Assemble Kit) - 18 pieces, $25 ea
Mechatro WeGo 1/35-scale Hatsune Miku - 18 pieces, $50 ea
plus many MORE non-exclusive 1/12 and 1/35-scale WeGos
NOTE: WeGo Pop Up Shop is Sat/Sun only, but WeGos are available for purchase all 4 days of NYCC - look for the lighted glass case!

Concrete Jungle Exclusives:

Frank Symbiote Red NYCC Exclusive - 15 pieces, $205 ea
Frank Symbiote Black - 20 pieces at show, $185 ea (not exclusive)
Market - limited qty at show, $125 ea (not exclusive)


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