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Court of the Dead

Oct 3, 2017

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The 3D Hero Births A Hero

"As the last of my kind, I knew what needed to be done. I had to seek justice for my fellow Bot brethren that have fallen victim to the Nameless. Our forefathers that once signified peace and unity have now become the source of our demise. As my eyes fall for the last time, I grasp my enemy's skull. Behind it I notice a series of characters that seem to say GNX...S.  It is with my dying breath that I recite this ode: 'I was created to ensure safety. I was created to construct. I was created to provide the citizens of this fair city a utopia in which all their desires would be fulfilled.'  
 -I am Genesis."

The 3D Hero is back at it again! This time he's giving you something so big that it could only be making its debut at New York Comic Con this week! Hero has been invited to participate in Martian Toys' "Not Another Skull Show" which features the Break skull created by Bowo Baghaskara as a blank.
Photo Credit: Alex Choi
As the story goes, Genesis is the last remaining of  fleet of Caution Bots called GNX-2.  These Bots are responsible for creation of all the land in 3D Hero City. They come as an advancement from the original robots of the city which have long been outcast due to their lack of technology and willingness to adapt. The gained the term Nameless, as they became so obsolete that no one could remember who they were. The Nameless decided that it was time to stop the progression of 3D Hero City and destroy the entire fleet of GNX-2...except for one.

What they didn't plan on happening was that one of these would become aware as to what was happening and then choose to fight back. The battle was long, the fight was hard but in the end it was the last standing GNX-2 prevailed. He assumed his name was Genesis because to him the '2' favored the letter 'S'.
Photo Credit: Alex Choi
This piece, along with the rest of the entries can be found at the Martian Toys Booth #679 at New York Comic Con beginning on October 5,2017. To see more of The 3D Hero, follow him on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.


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