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Court of the Dead

May 11, 2017

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NEXT REVEAL: Resin Is King Series 4 Figures by FOD, Renone, TobyArt & Abe Lincoln Jr

Our final reveal of the next 4 pieces in the Resin Is King Series 4 lineup! Here we have one of the 4 colorways of the Forces of Dorkness piece, one example of the Renone skull, and the standard colorway of the TobyArt Buffalo Wings figure.

Last image is of the Rocky figure designed by Abe Lincoln Jr (our special guest artist). Rocky is the debut figure in Abe's upcoming Satanikids series, which will make a bigger debut on its own later on this year! For now, we have the bright yellow Rocky in our RIKS4 series! Rocky was sculpted by NEMO and cast in resin by Jacob JAMS for the debut appearance.

Resin Is King Series 4 is 110 blind boxed resin figures, each slightly under 3 inches. Each BB is $30 and the debut will be at our booth #229 at Five Points 2017, May 20th. There will be Golden Tickets in the boxes and assorted goodies on hand, plus many chases and unique color variants.

We will also continue our in-booth practice of swapping: if you fancy one of our display figures, you can always buy a blind box and swap out the figure you pull for one of the figures we are using as displays.

The artist roster for Resin Is King Series 4 is:
  • Kyle Kirwan
  • Eyehart Toys
  • UME Toys
  • Renone
  • Forces of Dorkness
  • TobyArt
  • One-Eyed Girl
  • Pickman's Vinyls
  • Dollar Slice Bootlegs
  • Leecifer
  • Abe Lincoln Jr (with NEMO & Jacob JAMS)


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