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Court of the Dead

Oct 17, 2015

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Funko Hikari My Little Pony Rainbow Dash: the best Pony, obviously.

There's been a lot of discussion about which Pony is best, and I'm afraid I've been right all along: it's Rainbow Dash. Sorry, guys.

Knowing that Rainbow Dash is the best Pony, I placed an order for (10) of the Original Glitter Rainbow Dash figures by Funko. Only 1000 were made and I tried to order more but they were like ummmm no, you get 10. So 10 it is.

They will go up for sale in our Amazon shop here because I'll be in and out of town for the remainder of the year. DisneyWorld then DCon then Thanksgiving and then I know you're all just ordering off of Amazon anyway during December, so now you can pick up a Glitter Rainbow Dash with free shipping. Because you have Amazon Prime like any sane person would.


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