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Court of the Dead

Apr 15, 2013

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Featured Product - April 15, 2013

Mini Kaiju Cupcake Custom Series Blind Box

This blind-box custom series is based on the 2-inch Mini Kaiju Cupcake platform created and poured into resin by Jon Malmstedt of Rampage Toys. Jon is a friend of Tenacious Toys, having participated in many of our group shows as well as signing at our NYCC booth in 2010. We believe strongly in Jon's offbeat Americanized kaiju aesthetic- "Kaiju" means "monster" in Japanese, and what is more monstrous than our food here in America? Cupcakes, in all their sickly sweet deliciousness, are truly the scourge of our great nation. This mini series, therefore, both celebrates and vilifies the cupcake. Artist were invited to basically do whatever the heck they wanted with this platform. Customs came back both cute and scary. This certainly reflects the true nature of the cupcake. Do you think cupcakes are the food of angels, or are they the devil incarnate? Pick up one of these blind boxes and see which kind of cupcake you find inside! 

There are 25 blind boxes in the series with one containing a golden ticket for a 5x7" original painting by Jon Malmstedt. Artists included in the series are NREAZON, Jon Malmstedt, Nasty Neil, Justin Hillgrove and OsirisOrion. Pick one up for only $25 now at the Tenacious Toys online shop.


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