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Court of the Dead

Oct 5, 2014

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JC Rivera Dead as Fck Champ OG edition preorder available NOW at

You've seen us posting about this figure pretty much constantly over the past 2 weeks- it's a resin platform designed by JC Rivera and produced by We Are Not Toys. Now you can own the original colorway as envisioned by JC Rivera: the resin Dead as Fck Champ is ready to beat up your toy shelf and lay a smackdown on your vinyl collection!

Preorder yours now at the We Are Not Toys shop.

And make sure you stop by NYCC Booth 208 in The Block to check out the amazing custom show based on this platform- find the Suburban Vinyl table and pick out your favorite! All customs are for sale at NYCC, and you'll be able to meet JC Rivera and Task One, the wizards behind the curtain!

For more info about our NYCC booth, click here.


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