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Court of the Dead

Dec 8, 2017

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"Gotta Burn 'em All" Resin Figure by Preuvian Artist Italiux Available for Preorder

Peruvian designer Italo Perochena, aka Italiux, started as an illustrator as a fun part of his days off. Then he got viral with some of his illustrations, started selling them as tees and posters.
he has been doing that for the past 5 years and now he wanted to make Toys outta the most famous ones. 

His choice as his First piece of the collection is "Gotta Burn ´em All", cus it was his first design to get picked on a Tee site. 

 "Gotta Burn ´em All" is a parody of what it would really happen if a Poke Monster Trainer would ride a flaming Horse. Well, a little sadistic but fun. 

Name:  Gotta Burn ´em All 
Release:   Pre Order starts Monday 18th, December.  14:00 PDT

Material: Resin and Acrylic paint.
Pics: Attached. 
Material: Resin and acrylic paint.
Price:  $ 79 with $11.99 shipping. 
Limited Edition of 50. 


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