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    December 12, 2016

    BrickWarriors: A Silent Era Star minifig homage

    BrickWarriors "Silent Film Star" #16/60 looks to be primarily a mix of an homage mainly to the amazing Charlie Chaplin, with just a dash of CW Fields added in.
    I didn't hesitate to get this wonderfully designed minifig of the "Silent Movie Star", as I am a fan of both Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin's work. BrickWarriors' inclusion of a collector card with the limited number edition on it is an appreciated little bonus.

    Now, I'm not sure if it was meant to be a complete homage to Chaplin, and if it was, they nailed it on the torso details. I will say that although the yellow skin option was not that big of a deal, to have seen this figure in a greyscale rendition would have been cool.

    LEGO does produce a Bowler hat, and it's readily available online through various other sellers, so it's not hard to get one. Had there been a bowler made for this figure that also featured a bit of Chaplin's curly locks of hair sculpted to it (as his bowler was a bit smaller fitting on his head), this would have brought this figure to another level.

    Most canes are just a usage of the standard hand grip sized LEGO bar elements (used to connect wheels, gears, etc.), and I was actually surprised that only one other 3rd party Lego accessory maker made an element that could be cut down some in length to make a proper looking walking cane.
    Two items that would make it a more complete Lego rendition would be the addition of the LEGO Bowler hat, and modifying the "Shepard's Crook" part from another company's offering to fashion a cane for the minifig. I stood him next to my Chaplin Smurf minifig (by Schleich) just for the hell of it.
    By no means do any of the points above take away from BrickWarriors' minifig offering. It's a great addition to any collection. But as a fan of Chaplin, this figure could have been a killer unique homage to the great silent film comedian. And if you want to put a little searching and work into it, you can opt to upgrade his accessories to make it all come together in a more Chaplin accurate way.
    Stats Rating/Information
    Items Silent Film Star Minifigure
    Made by BrickWarriors
    Rarity Limited Edition of 60
    Classification In Production
    Condition New
    Procured www.brickwarriors.com
    Worth $18
    Investment $18
    Build Time n/a
    Trivia & Fun Facts Chaplin appeared on the July 6, 1925 issue of Time magazine, a U.S.-based news magazine. He was the first actor ever to appear on the magazine known for its influential cover photos.

    Mario, the Artisan Rogue

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