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Court of the Dead

Jul 8, 2013

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Creo Design Tooth Decay Resin Figure

Ever wonder what your teeth would look like after they spend 24hours in cola? Or from not brushing them after eating your body weight in sugar? Well Creo Design knows and proudly brings you Tooth Decay.

The major misconception amongst dental professionals and public is that teeth are made from enamel and under this hard enamel belongs a sensitive root - well they are just wrong! Creo has unearthed the truth and what actually lies under this hard enamel is a skull and bones.

So Creo decided the best way to share this discovery is by making a 7'' high x 5'' Wide x 7'' deep anatomically correct solid resin model called Tooth Decay. This will not only look fecking awesome in your collection but also take up a lot of rotten space.

This solid resin piece is made from Creo's own unique resin is due for release July/August 2013. The first colourway will be limited to 9 pieces - why 9? well simple - it is 1 more than 8 and 1 less than 10! Pricing is estimated to be around £200 ($300) but will include FREE international Shipping so as to avoid additional nasty charges!

Keep up-to-date with the latest WIP images and colourway reveals via the official Creo Design Facebook page  or via twitter @creodesign


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