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Court of the Dead

Jul 11, 2013

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Gun Smoke and Mustard Gas Gummy Bears by Crummy Gummy and Manny X

Ah, Gummy Bears.  Lovable little characters and delicious snacks.


Not these Gummys.  These innocent faces hide a pure evil.  These little guys can't wait unleash whatever dastardly plans the conceive on their fellow Bears.  Or YOU!   Take Mustard Gas, for instance.  Designed to trick soldiers of WWI and II into eating them, only to result in terrible chemical burns and blisters.

Chemical weapons not your thing?  How about Gun Smoke?  No tricks here.  Just the pull of a trigger.  The Gun Smoke Gummy is so hardcore, they come with a spent shell casing embedded inside them!  Evil to the core.

Available tomorrow, July 12th, Mustard Gas and Gun Smoke will come in two sizes.  Regular 3" for $30.00 and mini 1.75" (for when you want your evil bears pocket sized) for $17. Plus 1 out 5 figures will be a special "Taste Test" chase figure! Don't sleep on these.  In addition to being dangerous, they're only available until Midnight Friday!  


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