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Court of the Dead

Jul 12, 2013

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Action for Jackson by Mind of The Masons

Action For Jackson | Blind Box Benefit is officially available! 
Bethany and Joshua have customized KIDROBOT INC.'s Dunny, Munny and Trikky vinyl platforms, each with a pink breast cancer ribbon on their backs. This benefit will go towards a close member of our family, Amy Jackson, who has been fighting breast of many hardships her and her immediate family have gone through these past few years. Our goal for this benefit is to sell these custom vinyl toys not only as an awareness of breast cancer but to give all the proceeds to their family to help pay some of their medical bills.

If you would like to know more about Amy and the trials her and her family have gone through, she has a public blog that you can read. Here is the link:

Also referred to as our "Drip Ribbon" customs, these small vinyl toys will be priced at $35 dollars each. They are being sold as a Blind Box purchase, 30 customs total. 15 Micro Munnys, 10 Dunnys and 5 Micro Trikkys.
  $35 Dunny, Munny and Trikky Drip Ribbon custom vinyl toys, all proceeds will go to Amy Jackson and her family.

Please take a look at our Storenvy Store for more details and thank you for any and all support!


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