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Court of the Dead

Jul 10, 2013

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Product of the Day - Riker's Island Death Row Inmate 7043 by JC Rivera

"... and so, as punishment for your heinous crimes, I hereby sentence each of you to death by lethal injection. You are remanded to Death Row on Riker's Island to await your executions. Court adjourned."

With the pounding of Judge Gerety's gavel against his desk, the fates of the five criminals were sealed. The prosecuting attorney and the D.A. shook hands as the Inmates were led away in shackles through a door in the front of the courtroom. Reporters screamed a cacophony of questions and flashbulbs went off like strobe lights as the Inmates stepped into the beat-up, white DOC van. The short ride over the bridge to Riker's Island would be the longest ride of their lives. It was over.

This is a hand sculpted and painted custom from JC Rivera based on Kidrobot's dunny figure titled "Riker's Island Death Row Inmate 7043". The figure stands 3" tall and is available for $75 at the Tenacious Toys website.


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