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Court of the Dead

Jul 7, 2013

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Digging Up Some Fosl From Komega

Komega is an artist I found through Instagram @komega , and I'm really digging his work- he calls them Fosls, and I hope you dig them too!
Komega's sculpted fosls give the appearance of being made of cracked, brittle, weathered bone, with a paint job that gives them an ancient fossilized feeling. Each sculpted piece, no matter how small, is consistently meticulous while also having tiny variations in the teeth or eye sockets that make them feel like they are(or were) a real individual creature.
Micro Munny. Micro. 2.5" tall.
And as if the sculpting wasn't amazing enough, he does straight paint work too.
And if toys aren't your favourite thing to collect, no biggie, he can make your watch or anything else infinitely cooler.
Birthday cakes are cooler when they're a Komega Fosl.
You can, and probably should, follow Komega's Facebook and Instagram @komega . Or get in touch with him at , and collect one, or six, of his pieces. There's a good chance he'll be at DCon in November, so stay tuned for updates.


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