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Court of the Dead

Jul 7, 2015

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Super Limited KALANOA Figures by Touma: Knucklebear, Pico Mao & Pico Hitch

 The next installment of custom painted, limited-edition Touma figures are up for preorder on our site right now! This is the third color variation that Touma has released to us retailers, the first was Night Sky (deep, beautiful blue) and the second was Photon (metallic turquoise fading to purple). These Knucklebears are the 6" vinyl figures ($55), and Pico Mao and Pico Hitch are both 1.5" tall ($15 each). Click here to see all of these figures- we currently have a few Night Sky and Photon figures in stock and ready to ship, plus the Kanaloa figures up for preorder.


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