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Court of the Dead

Jul 7, 2015

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Jon-Paul Kaiser Customs at SDCC 2015 Munky King Booth

This year, Munky King has asked a number of artists to customize Munky King produced pieces, to be on display and for sale at SDCC 2015. Jon-Paul Kaiser customized a number of pieces that will be a part of the display. Here is the line-up that Jon-Paul Kaiser was able to complete for Munky King:
  • Screaming for the Sunrise - "This Is My Sunrise"
  • Koibito - "The Forgotten River"
  • Pink Elephants - "Civil Disobedience"
  • Uprisings - "Great Wave"
Each one of these pieces features Jon-Paul's common black and white paint scheme, while also adding some color, when necessary, to make the pieces pop even more. For those attending SDCC 2015, these pieces, as well as all the other artist customs, will be on display and for sale during the convention. Be sure to follow Munky King on social media because if by chance any of the pieces don't sell out, they may be put up for sale after the con is over. All the provided photos of completed pieces were taken by the excellent photographer, Justin Allfree. Hopefully, Jon-Paul Kaiser will be able to make it over to the US for a future convention (like DCON).


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