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Court of the Dead

Jul 7, 2015

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Pacific & Northwest at Daniel Rolnik Gallery - Bwana Spoon and Tripper Dungan

"Pacific & Northwest" is an art show showcasing the happy, fun, and colorful paintings of Bwana Spoons and Tripper Dungan. 

Bwana's pieces will primarily be focused around dinosaurs (having been inspired by his trip across the country stopping at dinosaur track museums - the strange American road-stop attractions frequently found in the middle of nowhere). 

Tripper's work will be focused on the culture of the West Coast - from big trees to hot dogs. All done on scavenged pieces of wood and made with as eco-friendly a process as possible. 

Both artists are creating hand-shaped and painted skateboards as well as a variety of installation items that will make you freak out and get super stoked. 3D glasses will be provided to all guests so they can experience the art and gallery in a vibrant new way.

About the artists

Bwana Spoon is a painter, toy maker, and half-jack of other trades. He loves trees, moss, and monsters. He currently resides in Portland, OR, where he has recently begun a collaboration with Kid Robot toys and is reopening the world famous Grass Hut inside of a comic shop.

Tripper Dungan was born in Santa Barbara, California. At the early age of 4 he got in trouble for coloring in his brothers He-Man coloring book. He hasn’t stopped making art since.​ He currently resides in Portland, OR where he recently completed a tiny house art installation named Lookie House - successfully funded via a kickstarter campaign.

"Pacific & Northwest" opens on July 18th at the world's only Daniel Rolnik Gallery
1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Free parking is available in the public lots on 2nd street (cross-street of Santa Monica Blvd) - located only a few blocks from the gallery.


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