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Court of the Dead

Oct 25, 2015

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Live Free Podcast Group Show at The Daniel Rolnik Gallery

5 years ago, Mike Maxwell started a podcast, to fill a void he saw existed in the art world. Mike wanted to interview visual artists and have them tell their story. Starting out interviewing friends and contemporaries, 171 episodes later, Mike can celebrate the 5 year anniversary of his endeavor. To Celebrate, Mike contacted the worlds most adorable art critic Daniel Rolnik, about having a group art show. Of course, Daniel jumped on the opportunity to host such a huge event and on November 7th, "Live Free Podcast Group Show" will have it's opening reception at the Daniel Rolnik Gallery. Featuring a long list of artists, the show is sure to be a wonderful event. Anyone within decent driving distance of Santa Monica, should make a plan to head on down to the opening reception and take in some art.


Adam Cardwell, Adam Feilbelman, Anthony Lister, Beau Roulette, Ben Horton, Ben Venom, Brian Barnacle, Bwana Spoons, Celeste Byers, Chris Haueter, Chris Rini, Daniel Gibson, Dave MacDowell, Defer, Don Pendleton, Erin M. Riley, Gabe Leonard, Jaclyn Rose, Jason Jagel, John Casey, Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, Judith Supine, Kevin Christy, Konecki, Kyle Ranson, Lauren Napolitano, Lucien Shapiro, Marcelo Macedo, Martin Machado, Mike Egan, Mike Giant, Mike Maxwell, Paul Urich, Porous Walker, Ray Taylor, Rich Jacobs, Ricky Watts, Ryan De La Hoz, Steve Caballero [Bones Brigade], Tim McCormick, Travis Louie, Christian Rex Van Minnen, and Max Kaufman.


The opening reception will take place on NOVEMBER 7th from 7pm - 11pm at Daniel Rolnik Gallery - 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

Free parking is available in the public Santa Monica city lots on 2nd Street at Santa Monica Blvd, Broadway, or Colorado. Street Parking is also available. 



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