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Court of the Dead

Oct 25, 2015

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ICYMI: Latest Work by Nugglife from NYCC 2015

With NYCC 2015 now in the past, there are a lot of great pieces that didn't sell out during the convention. Nugglife brought a lot of resin pieces with him to NYCC 2015 and there are still a good number of pieces left to purchase. First up is a part of the Nugglife Resin series which includes a number of pieces. The Blue Hustle Series features 3 different variations of Mr. White. A sold out Full Color version is priced at $100, while the Blue Faced is priced at $80 and the Mr. White Rocks version (all blue) is only $60. Each piece stands around 2.5" and comes with some nice accessories. Also Sold out is a Nuggs Smoking piece, while the Nuggs Trimming Station is still available and priced at $100.
In addition to the Resin series offered by Nugglife, are a number of great custom pieces. 3 Vomiting Dunnyeaters titled Overload, are priced at $140 each and feature different colored 3" custom Dunnys with a resin accessory. "Approaching the Prey" features 2 Nuggyeaters about to feast on some greenery. Also sized at 3", these Nuggyeaters are also priced at $140 each. Nugglife also created some custom MADL growrooms called "Nature Growrooms:, each made out of a 5" MADL. With all the intricate work and details put into the Growrooms, these are priced a little higher at $325 each. If all the pieces weren't enough to tickle the fancy of the art community, Nugglife also brought along some new t-shirts which are also for sale, priced at $25 a piece. Be sure to head on over to the NUGGLIFE online store to check out all the available pieces.


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