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Oct 18, 2013

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Kickstarter - Angry Cat by Amanda Coronado

Austin based artist Amanda Coronado currently has a Kickstarter up and running to finance her new plush, Angry Cat. Based on a popular illustration that she debuted at Fanime 2012, this furious feline has already been funded and this is your chance to get a beautiful plush 100% guaranteed. 

Like all Kickstarter campaigns, there are various tiers in which you can pay for and the plush starts out at the $25 level. In addition to the plush, there are stickers, wallpapers, postcards, posters, canvas prints, production art and custom portraits available at the various levels. 

There are also five levels of stretch goals that add new items to the packages. Two of these have already been reached and the third is well on it's way. Make sure you stop by here Kickstarter page today and get in on what has to be one of the most adorable if not angry plushes of the year.


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