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Court of the Dead

Aug 21, 2013

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Kaiju figure Rhaal by Gorgoloid

Gorgoloid is back on the scene after settling in the new studio in Portland, OR. Gorgoloid is a brand which features the art works of Barry Allen. Barry and company, Gorgoloid, have decided to release their first wave of Kaiju figures called Rhaal.

In the words of Gorgoloid, Rhaal are:

The Rhaal are amphibious giants from unknown origin who seem to be guardian elementals protecting their various regions from mans poisonous touch. Unmerciful and virtually unstoppable they crush all in their path who would harm their homelands or threaten the fragile eco-systems they seem to be rooted in.

The Rhaal range from mild temperament to ravaging beasts and have begun to garner a cult following who worship them as Guardians of Gaia. Eco-radicals and green washed warriors praise the Rhaal rampages and insatiable rage. Our weapons have thus far had no effect on the roving monoliths, humanity can seemingly do nothing but watch as the Rhaal take back the lands for themselves and the creatures. Commercial boats treading their waters are cracked like bird bones, fishing communities and hunting grounds are leveled in a night. Retreat and avoidance from the Rhaal's territory is the only option.

Did we create these monstrosities with our selective breeding and DNA research? Are they left over giants from a long lost age recently awoken by rising temperatures and climate change? Perhaps the old stories told by the elder ones are true and the Old Gods are angry at our ignorance. Some are hopeful that we can co-exist with the Rhaal, give them some space and go about our days. We shall see......

Standing at 5 inches tall and made of 200 grams of resin, each of these 4 figures are hand painted, clear coated and signed by the artist. Each figure is selling for $85 plus shipping at Gorgoloid.

Expect to see more figures and art from Gorgoloid in the future, but in the mean time, keep up with Barry Allen and Gorgoloid here:



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