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Court of the Dead

Aug 23, 2013

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Assault & Batteryz by Quiccs

Amazed by the sculpting on this Dunny. Those ears are something else!
I wanted to share my  limited
 run of my Custom 3" Dunny, "Assault & Batteryz" :) I will sell them this STGCC2013 weekend at 50 Singapore Dollars(40 usd)


Platform: 3" Dunny
Edition: Nugget Gold
Type: Originally customized concept
Hand-casted for a very limited run to give people the chance to own and enjoy one.

Assault & Batteryz is a custom concept I built that revolves around a heavily armed Mech (aka "Assault") and 2 support robots ("Ruff Battery", the Rocketeer) + ("Tuff Battery", the Rifelman) sitting on its head, individual characters as seen on "at_ease_sticker.jpeg

The main idea for me way to present the 3" Dunny figure in a way that has never been done before (so far as i think), utilizing the signature ears as mini characters sitting on the head, while keeping my signature Bulletpunk mech design in it as well.

This custom is detailed to the teeth, as seen all the way till the back, as it is the most detailed one I've done on a 3" figure to date.

These will be launched and sold at the Vinyl on Vinyl booth in STGCC 2013

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