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Court of the Dead

Aug 21, 2013

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Frankenbeet is here! A Custom Deadbeet by Small Angry Monster

Small Angry Monster's latest piece, Frankenbeet, is a custom 7" Deadbeet by Scott Tolleson and George Gaspar. Customized to have a steam punk feel, complete with metal drip pipes and a gaping mouth, while the paint job on Frankenbeet really makes the figure zombified, without over doing it with blood and guts. One of Frankenbeet's eyes has been replaced with a steam punk lense, teeth added and even the fronds have been replaced with exhaust pipes. The overall execution on Frankenbeet gives the custom a nice feel and should make a great addition to any collection, especially a Deadbeet collection.
Selling for $180 plus shipping, Frankenbeet is available immediately from Small Angry Monster's store: Monsters Lair.


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