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Court of the Dead

Nov 9, 2017

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Ron English Cereal Killers 3-inch Mini Figure Series In Stock Now


These amazing 3 inch vinyl figures are whimsical interpretations of classic children's cereals that we at Toy Tokyo is sure everyone is familiar.

Ron English is well know around the globe by art collectors, and collectible vinyl toy collectors alike. His artwork is a combination of humor, social commentary, with a touch of the grotesque to keep things interesting.

The Cereal Killers mini figures are each approximately 3 inches tall and sculpted in vinyl. And, what makes the piece both beautiful, unique and collectible is not just the figure, but the boxes also. Each is an individual piece of design art, with cynical plays on classic cereal box advertising. So definitely do not throw the boxes away!

Each display case contains one of each of the following:
  1. Cap'N Corn Starch
  2. Sugar Frosted Fat
  3. Yucky Children Charmer
  4. Sugar Smack
  5. Franken Fat
  6. Count Calorie
  7. Tricks
  8. Froot Looped
  9. Obesie O's
  10. Coco Puffed Paunch
  11. Sugar Diabetic Bear
  12. Christ


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