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Jun 20, 2018

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FYE Summer Convention Exclusives

Yes, you read that right, FYE is jumping head first into the Designer Toys world with some 2018 Summer Convention Exclusives. FYE has teamed up with artists like Jason Freeny, Ron English, and Andrew Bell, to create some limited edition FYE exclusives, available online at and at one of the 250 FYE stores. The following exclusives are(were) available for pre-order now and is the first step for FYE to make a big splash in the Designer Toy world. With SDCC 2018 fast approaching, FYE is planning to have signing, SDCC exclusives and more available at the FYE Pop up shop that will be at Horton Plaza, during SDCC. Now onto the initial set of exclusives.

XXRay Superman Steel Finish Limited Edition - $129.99, Designed exclusively for FYE by Jason Freeny. The figure stands 8" and has the same style as the rest of the XXRay line of toys. No word on edition size, but Pre-order is limited to 2 pieces per customer.

XXRay Reptar Limited Edition - $129.99, Designed by Jason Freeny, exclusively for FYE. Standing at 8", this Nickelodeon character is re-imagined in Freeny's dissected style of toys. No word on edition size, but Pre-order is limited to 2 pieces per customer.
Radioactive KillKat Vinyl Figure - $39.99(currently not available), FYE Exclusive of Andrew Bell's popular KillKat figure.No word on edition size, but as of this post, the piece was not available for pre-order.
XXRay Spongebob Squarepants Hidden Dissectibles - Collector's Set $299.99, Blind Box $19.99. Designed by Jason Freeny, exclusively for FYE, iconic Spongebob Squarepants characters get shrunk down into 4" collectible figures. FYE has made a collector's set which will include all 9 figures(shown), 4 rare chase figures, and a collector's set exclusive Spongebob GID variant. The 4 chase variants are unique designs of the main characters, Spongebob, Patrick, Gary, and Squidward. These figures are also available for pre-order as simple blindboxes, but the GID Spongebob can only be obtained by purchasing the Collector's Set. With a price tag of $19.99 for each Blind Box, it's a bit higher than what most blind boxes are known to sell for, however, these figures are 4" tall licensed characters.

FYE will be releasing more info as time goes on, but this looks like a great start of exclusives, which will definitely have the capability of hitting a much larger audience of consumers, albeit through licensing.

- Mark-Anthony


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