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Court of the Dead

Jun 20, 2018

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Bitchy Rich MadLovin Edition by ABCNT x Mighty Jaxx in stock now

Bitchy Rich MadLovin Edition by ABCNT

in stock now

Remember Bitchy Rich? The infamous loudmouth is back and not just rich, but is also now the MAD Clown in Chief or Liar in Chief! To better suit his twisted tales, he has changed his appearance – now with festive and hunger-inducing red and yellow outfit.

How can the world withstand the poisonous MADNESS from this tiny sadistic man? The answer is in plain sight – by wielding stacks of dollar-bills.

Watch him as he spew outrageous words and crack the joke of the century. A public exposed to his lies are left smiling grotesquely at his toxic entertainment. Love this clown for all the wrong reasons or hate his guts, he is here to spread MADLOVIN sauce all over you 

8" (20cm) Vinyl Limited Edition Art Figure
Sealed in Clear Bag with Printed Header Card


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