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Court of the Dead

Jun 22, 2018

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Japanese Magical POP Artist KEIICHI TANAAMI APPortfolio x Keiichi Tanaami NEW!! Skateboard & Pouch!

Mr. Tanaami has never changed any of his art language!

 Keiichi Tanaami

The strongest visual impact you will never forget. 

APPortfolio, an Asia art organization promoting contemporary art, has a long-term committment to bring more contemporary art and crossover projects to the publicities. Japanese pop arti master Keiichi Tanaami jointly launched special and unique products during this June and July.

About the Products:

One of A Kind Skateboard
Mysterious Spirited Ghost Skateboard
This skateboard mainly focuses on the creepy skeletal monsters in Mr. Tanaami’s artworks. This work is composed of symmetrical element. Skeletal monsters often appear in his artworks. They are represented as war casualties. At the same time, they also imply that people live in fear. The strong light was emitted, reflecting the Japanese army's searchlight on the American bombers in the memory of his childhood memories. The grandfather's goldfish also implies the wartime memory! This skateboarding is not just a skateboard. It is also like a meaningful artwork. It is great to hang on the wall or use it as a skateboard. It reflects a sense of understanding of the wartime history and urban cultural style! The skateboard is made of wood

Artist: Keiichi Tanaami
Skateboard retail price USD105
80 x 20cm

Fashion Trendy Pouch
Fluid BLAM! POUCH Package (Fluid BLAM! Pouch)
The design of this pouch fully demonstrates the psychedelic pop style of Mr. Tanaami’s works.
BLAM stands for the symbol of the bomb explosion of World War II. The intense light is expressed in a comic form, and various plant and insect shapes are based on the illusionary impression that occurred during his illness. Super unique with personality and attitude! Can be used as a cosmetic bag, travel bag or clutch bag, suitable for all men and women. This pouch is made of PU.

Artist: Keiichi Tanaami
Pouch retail price USD65
23 x 32cm 
Releasing time and sales channels:

24th JUN 10PM New York Time (Hong Kong time on 25th JUN 10AM)
About Keiichi Tanaami

Keiichi Tanaami is one of the leading pop artists of postwar Japan. He has been active as multi-genre artist since the 60s as a graphic designer, illustrator, the video artist and fine art artist.
His paintings and sculptures blend together the elements of pop art with the memories from his childhood that don’t include only World War II scenes, but also hallucinatory experiences and high fevers. At the same time, Tanaami’s works have a certain connection with the religious practices of Asia and Japanese history and culture.
Keiichi Tanaami – The Bridge to Another World, 2011
About APPortfolio
APPortfolio is an art platform for integrating international art resources, recruiting cutting-edge artists and designers across Asia, curating professional exhibitions and activities. To provide a platform for artists and taking up social responsibility, APPortfolio lines up its subsidiary brands and physical venue, together with charity groups and different types of art & cultural space, commercial complex, to export high quality and creative cross-border artistic activity.

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