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Court of the Dead

May 15, 2014

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Mech Maker Kickstarter by IMAGIMOD

3D printed figures designed using the Mech Maker system

Ever think to yourself :
"I want to design some killer robot figures and then play cool games with them"?

You're a human being, so the answer is yes.  Unless you're a robot.  But the answer is probably still yes.  If you're anything like me, all your robot designs start out great in your head but then end up looking a lot like somebody turned over a scrap metal bin and didn't bother to clean it up.  And then you has a sad.  Well your sadness ends NOW!

IMAGIMOD has launched a Kickstarter for a mindblowingly cool new product/app/service called Mech Maker.  Mech Maker allows you to design your own custom robots, choose their colors and even have them 3D printed and sent right to your door.  By choosing from hundreds of different components and color schemes you can guarantee that the mech you design is unlike any other mech.  No more boxes of the same old plastic model you've built a hundred times.  Create an army of mechanical warriors, each with its own unique weaponry and style.  And not only will you be able to create online, IMAGIMOD has also created an iOS app that allows you to design whenever and wherever the creative bug strikes.  Design it, color it, print it and play it.  If you've got a 3D printer, then grab the file and print it right in your own home (or wherever you keep that thing)!

Mech Maker on iOS
Mech Maker uses booster packs to give you access to new and exciting components and patterns to build your army.  Some components are common while others are rare or even "prototype".  Want a component but don't want to wait to find it in a pack?  Buy it outright.  Got a ton of extra components?  Trade them for points to get that piece you really want.  If the idea of cracking open booster packs full of robot parts was cool enough, IMAGIMOD is partnering with big names in the game and movie world to bring you even more exciting parts to build with.

The Mech Maker system isn't just for designing and printing figures. On top of it all, Mech Maker allows you to create your own games to play with the figures you create.  Play them, test them, upload it and then share your game to the world.  Play thousands of games created by other players as well.

Head on over to the Mech Maker Kickstarter page and pick your pledge level.  All of the levels include some really great rewards.  I recommend the Paint Job pledge level.  You'll get access to several Kickstarter exclusive models, a ton of booster packs, and a 3D printed mech designed by you using the Mech Maker software and hand painted by Adam Pratt, one of the most talented miniature painters in the business!

This is an Adam Pratt.

-The Highest Fever


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