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Court of the Dead

May 12, 2014

This month's total d**k award goes to…

In a toy scene that’s more and more becoming a toy scene built on the customisers/bedroom artists, and not the Kidrobots of the scene, It takes a special kinda idiot or arrogant tit to try and scam a hard working artist and think he’s gonna get away with it.

On that note this months total d**k award goes to…… Dominick Rosati of Hudson Florida aka
shadyzunit on Ebay (the irony in that username is a wonder upon itself by the way). According to Hugh Rose:
This kid bought a piece of my work, claimed it never arrived and received a full refund. After he attempted to sell it online, I messaged him to settle the amount as it was clear that the piece had arrived after all. His reply: "Suck my d**k”, he then deleted his forum account and ignored all of my emails.

Said item then appeared on ebay up until a few minutes ago when “the listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.” I’m guessing the community sent him a couple of messages addressing how much of a cock he was and that he’s mistaken If he thinks he can get away with something like this.

Hopefully with a community as small and well connected as ours we can keep guys like this outta the toy scene. If you know anymore info on this guy such as new forum usernames then get in touch. It’s hard enough to make a living making toys without guys like this screwing you over.

In the meantime go support Hugh Rose

- K


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