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Court of the Dead

Mar 27, 2017

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Mike Slobot announces his new k-4SLO Security Droid for Sale

Truth be told, Mike has always wanted a protocol droid to help out in the Slobot factory, but has just never taken the plunge. A few weeks ago, one of these KX-Series Security Droids went Rogue and stumbled into the Slobot factory looking for repairs. Like K-2SO from Star Wars Rogue One, he is a re-programmed Imperial Droid. In need of repair and tired of looking like he still worked for the Empire, the newly rebranded K-4SLO got an upgraded processor pack, a fresh lime green paint job and some new wiring. Now the factory has the best parts of a protocol droid and a protector droid. No word yet on whether he speaks Bocce.

Standing about 20″ tall. with a glow in the dark eye, custom painted lime green and silver body, and glow in the dark wires the new k-4SLO Droid is available now for $250 from the Slobot factory.

More photos after the jump.


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