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Court of the Dead

Nov 6, 2013

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DCon Tasha Zimich x Deth Becomes You Collab Series

I had the pleasure of working together with un-Ded monster maker Deth Becomes You on an 8pc custom Mini Figure series releasing at Designer Con Booth 814.

Deth and I did a sculpt-and-swap, painting 2 of each others sculpts and also contributing 2 of our own independent pieces. The theme was loose - monster-y and undead, incorporating custom Micro Munnyworld, 3" Dunny and Androids. Deth's sculpts include an Android-turned-Spidery creature with huge glistening teeth, and "Boris" the carnie man in an Android costume.

I painted up a couple of Deth's sculpts, and contributed a painted Zombie KitKat Android and Boil-adorned little 3" Dunny. My colour palettes are noticeably bright, and Deth's flesh-like textures are most admirable up-close in person.

Pieces will be available Open-Box from my shared booth 814 at Designer Con, Nov 9-10, where I'll have an assortment of toys and art prints available also.
For more of Deth's work, check out his G+ or Instagram @dethbecomesyou



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