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Court of the Dead

Apr 9, 2015

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Sturnbrau Android APs by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Android Series 5 has been released to the masses and UK artist Jon-Paul Kaiser is pleased to have his Sturnbrau character joins the Android lineup. This means that Jon-Paul now has a set of APs he will be releasing, along with a 6"x6" mini-print of Sturnbrau, printed on 350gsm paper. Jon-Paul is going to make the mini print available separate from the Android for £10, with free shipping. Jon-Paul is also releasing an Android AP set, which includes one of Jon-Paul Kaiser's Sturnbaru Androids from Series 5, as well as one of the limited mini-prints. Each set is priced at £35, with free shipping also. Each Android will come signed and numbered, as will each print. For those who are keen, Jon-Paul will be making these available on April 9th at 1600 UK time, or 8AM PDT.


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