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Court of the Dead

Dec 5, 2013

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Inner Demons Custom Dunny by Davemarkart

Inner Demons custom 3" Dunny by Davemarkart
Dave Webb, aka Davemarkart, sent over one of his latest custom dunnys, titled Inner Demons. This epic dunny took Davemarkart several weeks to sculpt and paint, most of the time being spent on the head. Davemarkart even used the hashtag #epicdunny on Instagram, for all of his progress pics. It's amazing to see so much detail, in such a little space. However, from the picture of the completed piece in the sunlight, maybe the blue and green should have been flipped, not enough contrast of colors. Either way, the final product is great.
Inner Demons custom 3" Dunny by Davemarkart - From Davemarkart's Instagram
Inner Demons custom 3" Dunny by Davemarkart
Be sure to give Davemarkart a follow on Instagram and check out his store. Not a lot of pieces for sale on his store at the moment, but he's always creating, as can be seen on his Instagram feed.

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