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Court of the Dead

Mar 21, 2014

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40% off 123KLAN's BANDIT-1SM apparel with code

Die Hipsters, DIIIIE shirt by 123KLAN
Our friends SCIEN and KLOR at 123KLAN are offering a sick discount on all of their BANDIT-1SM brand tees, beanies and snapbacks!

123KLAN produces some of the tightest, most eye-catching apparel on the market.

That's what strong graphic design abilities do for you, kiddies!

Click here to visit the BANDIT-1SM shop and use code BANDIT to get your 40% off during checkout.

I'm about to go buy something right now.

If you love 123KLAN as much as I do, you'll be excited to know that they will be exhibiting at our booth at NYCC 2014 in October!


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