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Court of the Dead

Mar 22, 2014

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Upper Playground Releases Munko Plush Toy by David Choe

"Munko Has no arms or legs, but don't take pity and cry for her. He is here, she is there, he is everywhere all at once. She is him and he is her, she is chubby little baby and 2 billion year old wise wizard. He can Transform and shapeshift into your wildest wet dream or your worst nightmare. SHe is selfish and cares nothing about you. fuck your stupid problems, fuck your feelings, but also loves you and cares about you and puts more importance on you, more than anyone In your life, I love you I love you I love you. The black hole in her head eats all the pain and darkness in the world. he believes all her strength knowledge and luck comes from his only tooth, but in reality it's the sole survivor of her over active sweet tooth. Munko is Simple in form and mind and shape, yet so complex living on many levels and realities, not so simple that he can't feel multiple emotions and contradicting feelings and opinions all at once. SHe is telepathic and can read your deepest darkest thoughts, you cannot hide or lie to munko, when you are with munko you just be, and you will finally be at peace with your fucking self." —David Choe

You know what I like about David Choe? He literally doesn't have to do SHIT for the rest of his life. But he continues to create cool stuff like this because he loves it. Respect.


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