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Court of the Dead

Mar 18, 2014

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SHFigurearts Shocking Sailor Saturn Reveal!

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   To the delight of millions of Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon (Anime/Manga series) fans around the world, the infamous SH Figurarts started releasing deluxe, poseable figures of the main characters from this international hit series last year.

SH Figurarts Shocking Sailor Saturn REVEAL!

  However, SH Figurearts (A branch of Bandai Toys) shocked the world at Wonderland fest 2014, when they showed off a grey prototype of the senshi soldier of death and rebirth, Sailor Saturn. One can only speculate that this means they'll make all 10 of the main characters into deluxe figures!

The Sailor Senshi So Far
Thanks to Tomopop for these lovely photos!

 I hope that in addition to the heros that they also release some of the villains and maybe Tuxedo Kamen AKA (Tuxedo Mask)?
Let's keep our fingers crossed!
Which Sailor moon character is YOUR favorite?

-XOXO Otaku Milf (AKA Shonuff)


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