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Court of the Dead

Mar 20, 2014

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Jakks Pacific Releases Giant Sized Godzilla Action Figure

 Due for release THIS WEEKEND, this giant sized Godzilla action figure is exactly what a die-hard fan needs to pacify them until the release of the new movie this summer!

Jakks Pacific has really knocked one out of the park with this king of the kaiju! Godzilla stands 24" tall and is 43" in length, he has 12 points of articulation including his jaws and tail.

Jakks Pacific exclusive release.

Giant Sized Godzilla is 43" long!

Godzillas optional closed jaws.

You gotta love the detail on this Giant Kaiju.

If the name Jakks Pacific seems familiar, it's because they're the company that released the giant-sized Darth Vader and Power Rangers last year.

Giant Sized Godzilla is GIANT!
You can grab one of these bad boys at several online retailers (and Toys R Us) for under $50.
I don't know about you guys but I hope the theater let's me bring this guy in when I go to see the new movie.

-XOXO Otaku Milf  
(AKA -Shonuf)


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