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Court of the Dead

May 29, 2015

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Mars Attacks Occupation Trading Card Kickstarter Ends Monday

Have you backed this insane card series yet? If not, click here and fix that problem. You're gonna regret it later if you don't throw down a little bit now!

One box of Mars Attacks: Occupation will contain 24 packs.
Each pack will contain:
  • 4 base cards
  • 1 “insert” card.
Insert Cards include:
  • Chase Cards (10 Per Box)
  • Foil Parallel Variants (4 Per Box) - all 72 cards
  • Heritage Parallel Variants (6 Per Box) - 45 story cards
  • Concept Parallel Variants (2 Per Box) - 45 story cards
  • Super Rare "Hit" Cards (2 Per Box)
Super Rare Cards will include:
  • Sketch Cards (1 guaranteed per box)
  • Metal Cards (55 Designs to collect, reprinting the original 1962 series on solid metal)
  • Hand-Made Letter-Press Cards with Woodcut Design (4 designs to collect) - First-ever card type never before produced by Topps!
  • Creator Autographs (signed by artists and writers of the series)


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