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Court of the Dead

May 12, 2015

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Topps Mars Attacks Occupation trading card series FUNDED on Kickstarter  
Topps Mars Attacks Occupation trading card series FUNDED on Kickstarter with 20 days to go! That means you still have time to get your pledge in! This KS campaign is going full steam so make sure you pledge before your favorite reward tier is sold out (some of them already are). I just backed it!

Best of all, this card series will be printed up OLD-SKOOL STYLE by our friends at Sidekick Labs, the planet's premier vintage-style trading card printers! The Art Hustle cards were printed by Sidekick, and you gotta love those! This is a huge project for Sidekick, to partner with Topps- probably the world's most recognizable name in trading cards. Big ups to Sidekick for taking on this project, and HUGE props to Topps for choosing an extremely capable DOMESTIC production partner. I can't think of a better choice for this project.

Check this ridiculous intro video, where they actually explain that the Mars Attacks property was developed in the 60s as trading cards:

Below is the press release from May 6th, an awesome press release because I think they wanted to send it out just as the KS was launching - the way it reads, the PR was sent the day after launch... well, I bet they had to rewrite it at the last minute because the campaign was fully funded within 7 HOURS of launch! Man, I wish all my press releases started off like this...


May 6, 2015 - Yesterday afternoon at 1:00PM EST, The Topps Company launched the all–new trading card series, Mars Attacks: Occupation on Kickstarter.   After just 7 hours, the funding goal of $50,000 was achieved and several stretch goals have already been met, including a new subset featuring the long-awaited return of the 1980's card series Dinosaurs Attack!, in a crossover with the dastardly Martians.

On Kickstarter, fans and collectors can pledge at a variety of levels to pre-order boxes, complete sets, bundles of items or even unique rewards such as the opportunity to have their likeness appear in the series!  Add-on items include: “hot packs” guaranteed to contain sought-after super-rare "hit” cards; chase cards and parallel variants; plus collector binders and more!   Stretch goals will add new cards, bonus items and special features. 

The initial funding goal will create a 72 base card set with 18 chase cards (now 24 with Dinosaurs Attack!), 3 levels of parallels and incredible hits like sketch cards, metal cards, autographs and letter-press cards.

But that's not all!  Backers who get in early will have access to limited-edition bundle pledges that include large master collections-- and other valuable reward levels-- so fans should be encouraged to act quickly.  More stretch goals, new add-on items and additional features will be unveiled as the campaign builds steam.

Once the campaign concludes on June 1, Mars Attacks: Occupation will go into production, with a scheduled ship-date of December 15th.

Kickstarter Project Page

Kickstarter Video (Youtube Link)
Artwork and presentation is super tight

Tell me this isn't bad ass?
Because I am super special, I get to show you a bunch of recently unveiled artwork from this project:

Dude, OK- aliens, dinosaurs, robots, and gruesome graphic violence? SIGN ME THE F*CK UP.


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