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Court of the Dead

Feb 25, 2014

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9 to 5 Warriors Retro Wax Packs

9 to 5 Warriors Card Packs: bright yellow vintage style wax pack trading cards
9 to 5 Warriors writes to us:
I've been working on fun passion project called 9 to 5 Warriors where I wanted to recapture the magic from my generations Saturday morning cartoons. So I actually produced a little animated intro similar to one you would find in the 80s/90s with fun kick ass characters and a catchy theme song to boot:

Along with the intro I also created those bright yellow vintage style wax pack trading cards you would find at every stores back in the day.  You can see them here:!product/prd12/1405945521/vintage-style-wax-packs
In talks with a few companies to produce minifigures based off the characters hopefully within the next few months.

Follow @9to5warriors on instagram to see more photos, behind the scenes, and the actual prototype figures.


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