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Court of the Dead

Mar 1, 2014

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3A UKTK Exclusive for ToyConUK!


To those who know me, me as OneSixthBruce here in UK, will know that I am a collector of 3A as well as an official 3A dealer, 3A retail has been a staple on OSB almost as soon as OSB was set up.

Ive always planned and have done in the past put on a display of 3A at UK conventions, such as the London Film and Comic Con, normally mixed in with other manufacturers, like Hot Toys and Enterbay

Not many dedicated displays have been put on, in May last year UK artist and 3A collector RYCA did put on fantastic show at the Roctic East Gallery, Brick Lane, London, so following on from that, very early on I booked a booth at ToyConUK  - UK's dedicated designer toy convention.

Some have asked me why I planned to set up a booth at ToyConUK and not at a bigger, larger convention like I use to show at like LFCC.

1. I have to be honest, the UK convention scene is not like the ones in the USA or other parts of the world. It got to the point where most of the people attending only attend to get photos and autographs with the guest, and with discussions I've had with many UK dealers, the huge investment made to put on a booth, the return is not that great! I'm not being negative in any way to the UK convention scene, its great day out but as a business with OSB its got to the point of not being worth it, so for the past few years I've not attended any UK cons.

2. I have found that many many designer toy collectors also collect 3A or are starting to have a keen interest in 3A, so rather than attend a big convention, I was more than happy to show at a much smaller convention with like minded attendees.

OK, now to the point, teaser pics so far...

So, I'm super excited that 3A has given the go ahead to a UK exclusive, many of the UK Legion will be attending too, we will show the world that this island we live on is a UKTK one!

UKTK will only be sold at ToyConUK - 12th April 2014, unfortunately all tickets have been sold out but I do believe that some will be available on the day (please contact ToyCon for info on that)

No plan as yet on how we will sell, info nearer the time.

A few will be auctioned of on eBay with 100% of the proceeds going to Cancer Research

Only have teaser pics at the moment but will update when full images are available.

As well as the exclusive, there will be on show a range of 3A releases from early Noms. TKs etc etc to the most recent 3A releases.

Big Thanks to Ash and Kim at 3A and not forgetting my bothers and sisters of the UK Legion

Thanks for reading 

Wai Man


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