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Court of the Dead

Feb 25, 2014

Graffiti Anatomy by Creo Design: Customize Your Own.

Forget about Grey's Anatomy, Creo brings to life a concept born from the streets. For years graffiti artist have been producing mind-blowing murals and canvases using their preferred spray can as an extension of their own body. Every artist has his or her own preferred choice of 'can' but have you ever wondered what is hidden beneath the cold aluminum case? 

Manufactures insist that you should never pierce or dismantle the can regardless if it is empty or not. Wise words indeed because when Creo's curiosity took over and he opened his last empty spray can he couldn't believe what he discovered inside. 

Beneath the cold aluminum 'skin' lies a full spinal cord and skull 'cap'.
It is true what has been said for years- that spray cans are living objects brought to life in an artists hands. The myths of steel ball bearings used to mix the paint are bogus - when you shake the can it is the vertebrae knocking together that makes the can rattle, wakening the can to life and producing the beautiful flow of paint.

Creo has captured his discovery with the 100% original handmade resin sculpture that is fitted with a 'German Cap' and is limited to 10pcs worldwide. At $250, this piece is on the higher end of the scale. Then again, you get what you pay for. This is not a toy but rather a piece of art, and as such, the price is quite reasonable.

Graffiti Anatomy stands over 12" tall with a 360 degree rotating cap and magnetic articulation in the jaw. Articulation on mine works perfectly and is in fact hidden and safe up under the bottom side of the skull. I suppose just like a real jaw! I also like that Chris used a very long, sturdy pin coming up out of the spine to hold the head on. Well-engineered!

I dig the uniqueness of the individual vertebrae- no two are alike, just like in a real spine!

As always, Creo will allow customers to customise their purchase. Customers are allowed to select up to 4 paint colours for the body from over 250 colour choices - one is for the main body, the second is for the paint splatter effect.

Customers can also select up to 2 colours for the cap - one is for the main cap, the second is for the paint splatter effect. Alternatively, customers can choose not to have the paint splatter option.

Customers can choose from 40 options for the cap 'eye' and teeth. Again customers can choose to have their Graffiti Anatomy as 1 solid colour. They can also be finished in either a matte or gloss lacquer.
Each item will be signed and numbered and come in a wooden presentation box.

Presentation is just about as good as it gets: incredibly fancy wooden gift box, with the piece well-padded inside.

Close up of the Graffiti Anatomy head- I got the blue one! All pieces come with Certificate of Authenticity.

Click the following link for more info and to place an order in Creo's web shop:


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