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Court of the Dead

Feb 28, 2014

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Baby Cthulhu Resin Kickstarter by Monster Mind Sculpts

Baby Cthulhu Resin figure by Monster Mind Sculpts

If the popularity of an idea is judged by the speed at which its Kickstarter is fully funded or the amount of money over the initial goal is received, then Baby Cthulhu by Monster Mind Sculpts is at the top of the heap. Just an hour after the Kickstarter went live it was fully funded, reaching its initial $3,500 goal.  With nineteen days to go Monster Mind Sculpts has collected over $18,000 dollars, more than five times its initial goal.  

Baby Cthulhus are 3.5" tall resin figures, sculpted by the amazingly talented Cassia Harries of Monster Mind Sculpts and cast by the equally amazing Task One.

While almost everything above the $35 pledge level is gone (at the time of writing, there is one $45 pledge left featuring a glow-in-the-dark version*) you can still get in on the DIY Baby Cthulhu, keychains, stickers, postcards or even a wallpaper.

-The Highest Fever

*I'm strongly considering bumping my pledge up and nabbing that $45 spot.


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