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Court of the Dead

Jun 4, 2014

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LIGHBLACK - Dee and Mark Ash

OK, got to be up front with you here.... although I am a authorised dealer of LIGHBLACK,  I don't really know the full back story to this line....

From what I gather, its a lot to do with rival gangs, please try and decipher the following links here, part One, Two, Three and Four - makes interesting reading with great artwork!

Anyway back story or not, I really do love what LIGHBLACK are coming out with, many many other young companies have so much influence from Ashley Wood/threeA that it gets a little boring copying such an established style, but in my opinion, not so with LIGHBLACK*

Previous release was Zack Anderson..... the tailoring, the body, the accessories.... all top notch.

And today I was sent info from the company of their next release, not one but two figures, so i believe the 'Top Notch' will carry on with future releases....... i.e. Dee and Mark Ash!

Dee looking deadly in monochrome black and white, whereas Mark Ash is looking death in the face with a box of scalpel looking knives/blades.

They just get better and better, like I said the story maybe hard to follow but the fact is the figures are so cool,  quite a few collectors will want to buy either way!!

Looking forward to getting these in hand as preorders will go live soon from JPToys and OneSixthBruce!

Will put up more info as it comes available.

Thanks for reading

Wai Man

*My opinion!!


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