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Court of the Dead

Jun 2, 2014

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October Toys' Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter

George and Ayleen Gaspar of October Toys are resurrecting (see what I did there?) the 1994 Skeleton Warriors toy line.  In addition to being AWESOME, these figures will be Glyos compatible!  What does that mean? 

That means you can break these figures apart, reassemble them, and even use the parts interchangeably with other Glyos System brands such as The Four Horsemen's Power Lords, Outer Space Men, and even classic Onell Design Glyos figures!

There are currently some amazing rewards starting at just $13 and a Baron Dark figure starts at just $25!  But the stretch goals really put it over the top.  Skeleton Guards, Skeleton Soldiers, PRINCE LIGHTSTAR and more!

-The Highest Fever


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