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Court of the Dead

Jun 4, 2014

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The Brand New HAZARAI Has Arrived!

HAZARAI is BACK!  Or if you're unfamiliar with HAZARAI, it's here!  HAZARAI is an online content sharing community for fans of all things Geek Culture. Your HAZARAI page allows you to create and display customized albums or "Racks" of your favorite geeky images, videos, GIFs and more, either from your computer or saved from around the web. You can share your Racks with the community so that others can "Re-Rack" things from them to their own pages (or you can make them private too if you like.)  

Racks are great for:

Showing off your passion.
Spotlighting your collection.
Showcasing what you're selling.
Displaying your work.
Publishing your web comic.
Or promoting your Kickstarter, just to name a few.

You can even create "Group Racks" and invite others to post to them as well - something great for collaborative projects.

+The Highest Fever 


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