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Court of the Dead

Jun 28, 2014

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Hazarai Rack Race #2 begins Sunday 9PM; win a MOTU Trap Jaw Super Deformed plush!

The HAZARAI Rack Race online scavenger hunt is back by popular demand, and this week the prize is a Masters of the Universe Trap-Jaw 7-inch Super Deformed Plush (above).

How do you play? Glad you asked! At 9PM EST Sunday night, you'll see the links to the Rack Race #2 list posted on Hazarai's Twitter & Facebook... 


Once you have the list, do the following:

1.     Create a New Rack on HAZARAI called “Super Rack Race 2” and select the “Big Fun" category.

2.     Fill up your Rack by collecting at least one of each of the items from the list.

3.     The first person to post a link to their completed Rack as a comment on Hazarai's Official Challenge Facebook post wins. Here's Harazai's FB.

4.     They will also be giving out consolation prizes for the next 4 who finish after that, so don’t give up even if you’re not first.  NOTE:  anyone who finishes the challenge before they close the books on this contest is guaranteed to get a little something too.


What is Hazarai?

HAZARAI is a brand new social network exclusively for fans of all things geek culture - a place to share your favorite pics, videos, and gifs with the rest of our community. 

Still don't get it? Watch the video!


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