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Jun 2, 2014

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Shadoe Delgado Commission List is Open for 2014/2015

Shadoe Delgado has opened up his commission list starting on June 1st, for his 2014/2015 season of work. This time around, Shadoe Delgado has decided to introduce some new policies such as a "Wait Incentive" and a more open line of communication between the customer and artist.

As art is now his full time job, Shadoe Delgado has planned to dedicate one week per commission. People who sign up for a commission will be issued a number, which corresponds to a week within the commission season. Keep in mind that size of the respective piece can also increase the amount of time needed to complete a commission, for example, an 18" Munny (or similar large scale piece) would require a month of time to complete. Of course, all of the time required and any delays will be communicated by the artist by striving to keep each customer in the "Loop".
One thing about commissions is that unforeseen circumstances and situations do tend to come up. Even though Shadoe Delgado hopes to always keep customers in the loop, which should alleviate customer anxiety, he is also implementing a "Wait Incentive" for commissions that go a month or more past the projected week. For example, if a commission is a month late, the customer will also receive a small art piece, in addition to the commissioned piece. For longer waits, a bigger incentive will follow. In the end, Shadoe Delgado will try to be as transparent as possible with the whole commission process and hopefully be able to produce some killer sculpted work.

For more info or to sign up for a commission, be sure to head on over to Shadoe Delgado's Website.


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