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Court of the Dead

Jan 4, 2018

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UVD Toys and The Bots are back! Last time they launched a Kickstarter together, they brought Luna to life creating a vinyl art toy. Now they are asking fans for help once again to tell her story. Over the past year The Bots have written, polished, and reworked the tale that now gives their once static character depth and purpose. With illustration help of the artist couple 64 Colors, they have painted the imagery of Luna’s world into a magical landscape. They call it the “Lunaverse” and with your help they can turn this dream into a reality!

Their goal is to produce the first ever story set in the Lunaverse with an 8" x 8" hard cover , 22 page, full color children's book printed on high quality paper. They have created a wide variety of Kickstarter Backer Levels rewarding supporters with copies of the book, prints, enamel pins, a Glow in the Dark edition of their Luna vinyl figure, custom painted resin figures, original artwork from The Bots and 64 Colors and so much more!

To help bring this project to life and check out all the backer reward levels follow the link here


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