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Court of the Dead

Jun 4, 2014

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My Brother was a Hero by Jermaine Rogers

We don't post a lot of Kidrobot around here.  But sometimes the artwork and message is so profound that we make an exception.  Such is the case Jermaine Rogers My Brother was a Hero.  
This place…these ancient woods that surround you: they belong to us. The trees that loom about you, silently granting you shelter and sustenance. The solitary, sun-spotted clearings where you filled the days of your youth with horseplay and dreaming. The cool streams snaking through this fertile landscape, where you quenched your thirst and bathed your body. It is ours - a sacred birthright. And it is worth any sacrifice.
There is a message in this piece.  There are many messages.  The important part is what it says to you.

+The Highest Fever


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