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    March 14, 2014


    Following on from the great success of the Boom! Series 2 Rei release comes, Yojimbo

    I don't have the full back story of this release, but below is taken from AX2....

    I shall killeth those who dareth toucheth mineth mast'r!
    by Shusuke/ Yojimbo from the tribe of Saru

    Yojimbo is my job. The members of Inu teased me, saying what I do is reminiscent of a watchdog that guards the entrance of Saru, but I pay them no heed. My life belongs to my mast'r. A grateful dog is no doubt far nobler than those crude, thankless goshi.

    Additional Info:
    YOJIMBO means bodyguards, the job is usually taken by the more destitute rank of Samurai, such as the Ronin. Yet the attire of a Saru sergeant ought to be glamorous, so even a mere bodyguard's garments would appear more extravagant than that of usual corporals. The Saru people do not tolerate any dishevelment in clothing- a set of elegant, organized attire represents the frontage of the entire Saru clan.

    GOSHI means the lowest rank of samurai

    The 1/6 Yojimbo Collectible Figurine specially features:

    Limited to 400 units worldwide
    -A headsculpt of Yojimbo Shusuke
    -A Saru Mask
    -A Yojimbo Outfit
    -Three (3) interchangeable Palms
    -Two (2) pair of palms for holding tools
    -One (1) relaxed palm
    -Weapon pack: 2 samurai swords with one sheath & 2 kunai knives

    -Creative Director: AF
    -Package Designer: ACE
    -Illustration: Eduard Visan
    -Sculptor: PKKING
    -Costume: KC

    Expected shipping is 4th Quarter 2014

    Preorder starts today at..... AX2OneSixthBruce and JP Toys

    Thanks for reading!
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